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“Finally, I have to mention a remarkable 30 minute film called Tale of the Kite, which ultimately took its maker 13 years to create.  In a story that rivals that of Boyhood, Michael Fallavollita had made a short film with the well-known actor John Schuck (Law and Order SVU and two Star Trek movies) and a 10 year old boy named Kevin DeSimone about the boy's close bond with his widowed grandfather.  Ten years later, Fallavollita ran into Kevin DeSimone at a film festival, where he found out that the DeSimone was still acting, propelled by his experience in the earlier short film.  The filmmaker then went back and filmed an entirely new section with the now-21 year old DeSimone as a test pilot whose plane has gone down, which greatly deepens the earlier section of the boy being taught by his grandpa how to fly a kite.  The two stories blend together nicely and the pathos of seeing the same actor at ten years old and at 21 simply cannot be duplicated by any amount of CGI.  Bravo, Mr. Fallavollita, for sticking with your passion project and displaying a fortitude that is one for the ages.”


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